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The Podcast

Over the many years of emailing each other, we noticed how often we used the phrase ‘same same but different’ about ourselves. So, when we started to talk about our individual ideas for sharing our journey with others, it was no big surprise to us when we both mentioned wanting to create a podcast. After all, everyone loves a good story, and ours is a good story.


Little did we know that while we’d been merrily going our own way for over a decade, building our friendship over email and getting our families together every year, post-adoption contact had become a hot issue. It turns out ours is not just a good story but a timely one.


When you reach the end of the final episode, we hope you’ll agree that ours is a good story, a timely story, and a story worth telling.


Episode 1 - Offer You a Tissue?

Episode 2 - All Your Nooks and Crannies

Episode 3 - I Don't Have Leprosy!

Episode 4 - You're Rubbing It In My Face

Episode 5 - They Can Hear Everything

Episode 6 - What If I Get Into Trouble?

Episode 7 - I Shouldn't Be Around Children

Episode 8 - Sneaking Around Behind Your Back

Episode 9 - It's Too Far To Fall

Episode 10 - I Don't Have Any Issues

The Cast of Characters

The podcast is about Two Good Mums, which means it’s about Laura and Peggy’s shared story. But our story doesn’t exist in a vacuum and other people are discussed and we do our best to protect their privacy, and this is especially so when talking about our boys. We refer to them only as ‘CJ’ and ‘RJ’, and protect the details of their childhood. Anyone who is mentioned by name has given their consent. The boys also gave us the green light on the whole project, in fact, RJ’s keen to listen to our story; although CJ’s just keen to get his hands on the podcast recording kit.


Also, we can’t tell a story about adoption without talking about the role played by the many social workers who have sashayed through our lives. Ours is ultimately a feel good story and so we’re not into blaming and shaming, but it is our story to tell and we talk about the range of our experiences of social workers; the good, the cold and the sometimes downright funny. (If you’re a social worker you may want to buckle up!)



The Language

Listening to the podcast you’ll notice we switch between referring to ‘birth’ families and ‘first’ families. That’s because at the start of our story the term first families wasn’t used. Before we hit the record button we discussed what word to use and Laura didn’t have a preference. Please know that we have no wish to offend anyone with the terms we used.

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