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Baby of Mine
A Birthmothers Journey Through Forced Adoption

At the young age of 17, Laura is pregnant and naïve. Upon welcoming her little boy, CJ, into the world life isn’t as perfect as she’d hoped, and she ends up a single mother. Wasting no time finding her new ‘Prince Charming’, Laura falls into the arms of someone from her past; but their newfound happiness doesn’t linger. CJ is unexpectedly injured and social services step in and Laura is forced to say goodbye to her son.

Trapped in an abusive marriage and pregnant for a second time, eventually Laura finds the courage to walk away, but also has to walk away from her second son. As she builds an independent life on the rubble of her past; living alone for the first time, she is unaware of the danger to come. Tragedy upon tragedy has broken her, but Laura eventually reunites with what she lost which starts her on a journey of healing in ways she could never have imagined. Creating a strong friendship with the couple who adopted her sons, together they begin to change the face of contact in adoption.

When Stewart comes into Laura’s life, he’s a true gentlemen. They make new memories and build a life together. But there’s still one dream that Laura is yet to accomplish… being a mother. As Stewart and Laura try to create the future they long for they are dealt more heartache until their time eventually comes, but can Laura get through a pregnancy wracked with issues? And if she does, will she finally be able to bring their baby home to stay?


Laura's book, Baby of Mine, that tells the heart aching story of her journey through forced adoption is now available to buy. This book is one of very few accounts from a birth parent, speaking out and letting the world know about the practice of forced adoption, and the stories behind the people who suffer in silence. Order from Amazon using the link below. 


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