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What We've Done

Two Good Mums have taken part in training and public speaking based on a fusion of research, practice and lived experience. While creating content that is available for all.

A Birthmother's Journey

This video was created for PAC-UK's National Adoption Week Birthparent event 2021. This was an online event that shone a light on the voices of birthparents, a first of it's kind. Laura made the video that shares a brief telling of her journey in a very emotional and personal way. 

What If?

In this video, Peggy and Laura discuss how their particular adoption journey might have differed if certain milestone events along the way hadn't taken place in the way that they did. This video was a request from an adoption agency.

Laura's BBC Hyperemesis Diary

This is the video that Laura worked with the BBC to create during her most recent pregnancy in 2019. Here, Laura briefly shares her experiences of the pregnancy related illness that she suffers with when pregnant, Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). We have included this here as we mentioned the video in our podcast. This video was edited by the BBC.


We Are Family.png

We Are Family is a peer to peer support community by adopters, for adopters. We’re there for families throughout their adoption journey. We Are Family has had the privilege of engaging Two Good Mums to speak on the WAF Talks programme on several occasions. Laura and Peggy's story is inspiring and humbling in equal measure and We Are Family cannot thank them enough for their kindness, selflessness and generosity in sharing it. Two Good Mums' story is an amazing example of what contact can be when a birth mum and an adoptive mum work together, in the shared interest of their children.

One Adoption WY.png

At One Adoption West Yorkshire we have been fortunate to hear Peggy speak at one of our staff conferences, and also have a film of Peggy and Laura sharing their experience of maintaining a face to face relationship post adoption which we share with prospective adopters. They have provided us with a valuable insight into the realities and benefits of maintaining birth/first family connections for adopted children which we hope will support an increase in such arrangements in the future.

Adopt East.png

The feedback was so positive regarding your presentation which prompted social workers to look at practice and identify some relatively simple changes that could make a real difference for children, young people, adoptive and birth families. What you had to say has really inspired much energy and people wanting to be involved in the work which is a great start.

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