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Our Services

Two Good Mums offer training and public speaking that is based on a fusion of research, practice and lived experience.


Training events for adopters and prospective adopters.


Presenting our unique journey for private events.


Groupwork programme designed especially for birth families.

Post-Adoption Contact Training

Laura and Peggy are uniquely placed to bring a lived experience to their training events, drawing on almost fifteen years of successful post-adoption contact.

Our training in post-adoption contact for adopters and prospective adopters, has an emphasis on helping participants to identify the contact arrangements that best fit their circumstances. The training is built on research by Professor Elsbeth Neil, of the University of East Anglia and brought to life by applying this research to our own adoption journey.

Creative Group Working Designing Concept


Peggy and Laura have experience in tailoring the presentation of their unique story to different event themes and audiences. 

Public speaking includes conferences, webinars, podcasts, radio and much more. If you have a project that you would like us to be a part of then please feel free to contact us so we can discuss our availability. 

Conference Room

survivors of adoption loss Groupwork


When a child is lost to death, parents find comfort in rituals and opportunities to express their grief, and support is available through many specialist organisations. By contrast, when a child is lost to adoption, parents struggle to find comfort and support and therefore process their grief.


We offer a groupwork programme called Survivors of Adoption Loss (SOAL) that is designed especially for birth families. The programme is based on research into this specific loss and delivered by Peggy, who has years of experience working with grief, and Laura, who is an expert by experience, having lost two children to adoption and having spent years processing her own grief.

Support Group
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